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Our clients

Rick Scott


Florida Gubernatorial campaign USA 2014 midterm elections. By using Poliphone, Governor Rick Scott’s campaign mobilized hundreds of volunteers who worked from their home, campus and on their way to/from work through their smartphones, tablets and PCs.

Volunteers connected their friends and family to Poliphone and got them immediately engaged in the campaign. Each regional manager was in charged with grassroots recruit and management in their region. These 'Regionals' used Poliphone to connect their volunteers, had them contact thousands of voters, got the campaign message personally across, resulting in Scott winning reelection by a 1.1% margin. 


Yesh Atid


Poliphone managed the Israeli national telecom campaign of the ‘Yesh-Atid’ party – headed by Minister of Finance - Yair Lapid. The results of the January 2013 national elections witnessed the meteoric success of the party, which won 19 seats and became the second largest party in parliament.

Poliphone was engaged by the Yesh-Atid party with a multi-year contract to design and implement the party's national and municipal agenda for managing their ongoing contact with voters and all of the party's campaigns.


Tel-Aviv Mayor, Ron Huldai


Poliphone was chosen by dozens of municipal political candidates to lead their telecom campaign for the October 2013 elections, including the reelection campaign of Tel-Aviv mayor, Ron Huldai.

Path-To-Life, a Non-Profit Organization


Poliphone provides campaign services to the non-profit organization “Path-To-Life”, whose purpose is to assist families cope with suicides committed by their loved ones.

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