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Dov Moran


Technology entrepreneur, inventor and businessman. Dov was founder and chairman of msystems and invented the DiskOnKey, the DiskOnChip and other similar devices. At the end of 2006 the company was sold to SanDisk for the amount of $1.6B. Dov was also the founder and chairman of modu which invented the modular phone (whose patents were acquired by Google)

Udi Weinstein


Udi Weinstein Was Chief Information Technologies Officer at Modu. Previously, Mr. Weinstein served as Vice President of Information Technologies at SanDisk Corp, hired from his role as Vice president and CIO of M-systems.

Samuel Wazana


Samuel Wazana is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in building new companies and operations for Hi tech companies in international markets.

Josh Brajtman


Senior Business Consultant for management and costumer services, expertise in Call centers, training and mentoring personnel.
Provides deep insight for customer needs and creative solutions for challenges in the fields of costumer service, sales and digital. 9 years experience providing and managing high level costumer service and sales within call centers at "Pelephone Communication LTD".
Master's degree in diplomacy from Tel Aviv University.
On his free time, Josh Runs approximately 80 kilometers a week and just finished running his first full marathon.

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