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FAQ’s on our service


What is Poliphone?


Poliphone is a Smartphone based campaign management and donor relations system that

empowers your volunteers to be effective representatives. Our premise is that dedicated

volunteers are more effective as campaigners than anonymous call centers with no special

affiliation to your organization.


Who are you?


Established in 2012, Poliphone is part of Israeli entrepreneur Dov Moran’s technological

incubator. The company is led by CEO Samuel Wazana, entrepreneur and start-up expert,

and Ehud Weinstein, former CTO of M-Systems and Modu. The company’s senior staff

includes leading experts in information systems, marketing, programming, software

development and call centers management.


Who is Poliphone intended for?


Anyone who wishes to run a campaign including:

-Political entities

- NGO’s

-Telemarketing firms


Why do I need Poliphone?


Whether your goal is to win an election, raise funds for your organization or simply have

others attend you future events, you need the right tools for getting your message out to

your targeted audience.


Poliphone provides you with the technological platform to mobilize a larger volunteer base

and have them contact many more of your targeted audience in a cost effective and simple



All data that is inserted into the system is updated in real-time and displayed to the

campaign manager on a tailor made dashboard. This way the manager has full control over

the progress of the campaign and can make decisions accordingly.


What’s special about Poliphone?


We believe that those who care about the cause will have the biggest impact on your


While most campaigns reach out to their targeted audience by mass media tools such as emails,

pre-recorded voice messages, SMS, social media and more, we believe there is no real

alternative to the effect of personal interaction.


Since candidates or campaign leaders themselves cannot ordinarily meet or call all of their

targeted audience, they must use their best representatives. These are the ones who truly

care about the cause and will convey the messages accordingly – the volunteers.


Why should I use volunteers for my campaign?


Volunteers are the ones who truly care about your cause and consequently will have the

greatest impact.

Persons willing to volunteer for your campaign have chosen to invest their time and

resources to assist your cause, and hence have a deep commitment that enables them to

attract other friends to volunteer and to convey your campaign messages in a passionate

and effective way. 


Why do my volunteers need Poliphone?


Committed volunteers wish to contribute to the campaign, however many may also have

limited resources, such as time constraints and geographical barriers.

Providing your volunteers with specific room space with electronic infrastructure is

expensive. Furthermore, many volunteers don’t have the means to travel to the campaign’s

headquarters if they live, study or work far away. Many volunteers only have limited time to

contribute, before or after working hours.


Poliphone was tailor designed for volunteer’s needs. Using their own personal smartphone,

tablet or PC, volunteers can work from anywhere they choose and anytime they can spare.

No need to:

- Waste time traveling to the campaign’s headquarters

- Waste money renting specific room space

- Waste money on electronic infrastructure


Why not use a standard call center?


Call centers are expensive and their representatives have no real affiliation with your cause.

Standard call centers lack the dedication that is required to have a significant impact on your

targeted audience.


How does it work?


Your representatives connect to the system through their smartphones, tablets or PC’s. They

are provided with campaign messages, specific transcript and details of their targeted

person. They can operate the system from anywhere and anytime.


What kind of infrastructure or hardware do I need?


No special infrastructure is required. All you need are internet access and a standard

smartphone, tablet or PC. Your representatives connect to the system through their preferred

device and are immediately ready to work.


How many volunteers can use Poliphone?


There is no limit to the amount of volunteers and representatives that can connect to

Poliphone and work simultaneously.


How many different campaigns can operate simultaneously?


As many as you choose, and by as many volunteers as you require..


What types of campaigns are available with Poliphone?



Door to door



Social networks


Can I connect specific volunteers to specific campaigns?


Yes. Each campaign is a combination of specific volunteers, specific targeted audience and

specific messages. You may connect one volunteer to all campaigns, to some, or to just one. 


How do you execute the calls and who pays for them?


Calls can be executed through any way desired:


- Skype

- Operator system

- Volunteers’ own mobile carrier packages

Each platform has specific rates according to local fees and regulations.


How long does it take to implement the system?


In order to implement the system you must provide Poliphone with:

- Targeted audience database which includes their names and available connection

details (phone numbers, e-mails, address etc.)

- Volunteers and representatives’ names and mobile phone numbers

- Campaign desired messages

Once these details are provided by the client – the system will be operational within 24



What kind of training is required?


No special training for the volunteers is required..

Poliphone was designed to be used by volunteers of all ages. With an extremely friendly

user interface, anyone of your volunteers can log in and immediately begin working.

Poliphone will facilitate the senior campaign staff to ensure that all volunteers are working

as expected with the system.


What if my volunteers do not know how to operate
smartphones/tablets and PC’s?


Any data that is collected by hard copy can also be manually inserted into the system.

With an extremely friendly user interface, anyone can quickly learn how to use Poliphone on

any device.


What if I only have a few volunteers?


With Poliphone you can immediately grow the amount of volunteers.

Your strongest volunteer circle can use the system to contact their friends and connect them

to the system as volunteers.


The simple user interface creates a viral effect which quickly expands your volunteer base.

Now you can also have volunteers work from anywhere and anytime they want, so even if

they can only spare an hour or two a day, they can still contribute to your campaign.


How do I create/change campaigns and messages?


Campaign managers have full control over campaign formulation through Poliphone’s backoffice.

Poliphone will facilitate campaign managers to immediately implement any changes

they wish to make.


Can Poliphone integrate with other systems?


Yes. Our technical team can work to integrate with any system.


Can I trust you?



Poliphone was chosen by leading parties and candidates in Israel’s national and municipal

elections. See here for more details.


Information security – Poliphone protects customer databases using the highest standards

for on-line security. Your database can be accessed only by pre authorized personnel using

a personal access code.


How secure is the Poliphone solution?


Poliphone site is highly secure. We use industry-leading technology (such as SSL) to keep

your information safe.

Poliphone automatically encrypts your confidential information in transit from your

computer to ours using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key

length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available). Before you even register or log

in to the Poliphone site, our server checks that you're using an approved browser - one that

uses SSL 3.0 or higher.


Once your information reaches the Poliphone site, it resides on a server that is heavily

guarded both physically and electronically. Poliphone servers sit behind an electronic firewall

and are not directly connected to the internet, so your private information is available only to

authorized computers.


What Makes the Poliphone Site So Secure?



Poliphone is hosted in Microsoft's Azure cloud.

In addition, Poliphone stays at the forefront of security, developing many anti-fraud

technologies every year.



With Poliphone, you've got the industry's most experienced fraud team on your side.

Poliphone processes billions of dollars in payments each year, allowing us to continually

perfect our anti-fraud protections. As a result, Poliphone's loss rate is significantly lower than

the industry average. We also work with federal law enforcement to catch criminals.



Poliphone is committed to protecting the privacy of our users. When you send or request

money using Poliphone, recipients never see your bank account numbers or credit card

numbers. They only see your email address, date of sign-up, and whether or not you have

completed Poliphone's Verification process


Can I see a demo?


Yes. Please contact us to receive a free demo within 24 hours.


How much does it cost?


Costs vary and depend on the size and period of the campaign.

Contact us to receive an offer tailored to your specific needs.

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