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Poliphone's unique technology enables its clients to develop any type of campaign based upon three essential components tailored to your specific needs:


Choose your:


1. Targeted audience

2. Messages 

3. Volunteers


And you are ready to go!

Your political campaign management in 3 steps:

Runing a political campaign with our software - It's easy!

  • Poliphone provides volunteers with a user friendly easy to operate system that they can use with any smartphone, tablet or computer, no matter where they are and the time of day. They can begin contacting voters immediately

  • Every volunteer with a smartphone is transformed into a mobile office. The political party is provided with an immediate footprint of expanded offices locally and nationally

  • Poliphone allows for  thousands more volunteers nationwide to become involved in canvassing generating excitement leading up to Election Day.

The back office

Poliphone uses 


back office platform


Campaign managers can immediately:


  • Create any type of campaign 


  • Add and remove volunteers


  • Add and edit campaign messages

Control your campaign!

  • Campaign Managers are provided with a real-time dashboard for immediate feedback on grassroots activity.

  • Any data entered by a volunteer is evaluated and supervised in real-time by campaign managers. 

  • Security, Stability and redundancy – the database provided by the organization is protected by Poliphone with the highest standards and can be accessed solely by pre authorized personnel.


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